What Is Thai Travel Card?
Thai Travel Card will save you up to 50% on all your holiday purchases by providing personal, direct connection to travel service operators without the hidden extras giving you wholesale rates. You can book and pay directly to over 320 tour operators in THAILAND, thereby saving you the previously hidden commissions normally included in each and every travel purchase. Did you know that for EVERY TOUR OR ACTIVITY that you book through a TOUR DESK or WEB SITE, you PAY AT LEAST 25% extra!!!!! With a ThaiTravelCard membership you SAVE up to 50% on all your TOURS and ACTIVITIES.

How Does it work?
Traditionally our members rates were available exclusively to travel agents, tour desks and internet marketing websites. Thai Travel Card membership program now provides these wholesale rates to you. So, Instead of you paying through an agent, you pay directly to the operator saving the agents operating costs and profits. Simply, do more, pay less!

Benefits to Members
One stop online tour desk service with onsite phone/office support.TOUR INFORMATION on THINGS TO DO or ACTIVITIES in our list, all for you at wholesale rate. Accurate information: Our toll free hotline connects you directly with the operator servicing you. Whether in BANGKOK, PHUKET, SAMUI, CHIANG MAI, you will get the cheapest rates on SCUBA DIVING, SNORKELING, ECO SAFARIS, DAY TRIPS by SPEED BOAT, DEEP SEA FISHING, JAMES BOND, PHI PHI, TREKKING, SEA CANOE. For CHEAP rates for HOTELS , SPAS, GUEST HOUSES, PHUKET VILLAS!

Believe it or Not?
Your guarantee of savings can be very easily checked by clicking on the Google search provided below each example on this page. You will see the prices you will pay without your membership card. The company is fully registered, approved and bonded with the TOURISM AUTHORITY of THAILAND for over 6 years.

Quality of Tour Operators in Thailand
Thai Travel Card chooses operators by quality, professionalism, performance, and customer service. Our choices are not governed by how much commission an operator is prepared to give us as we take no commissions and therefore YOU don't pay any commissions if you are a member.

Who Can Benefit?
Anybody, even local residents, who have it in mind to save money while enjoying their well earned holiday will benefit. Divers, snorkelers, fishermen, day trippers, sightseers, adventurers of all ages and budgets. The backpacker's budget will stretch way further with membership.

Sensational Family Savings
Membership is free for teens and children 16 years and under. Every purchase for each family member is a fantastic saving. The kids can enjoy so much more without Mum and Dad worrying about the budget.

How Much Does It Cost?
Please contact us for our fantastic offers.